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Rarely on here anymore, but I hope you like my crappy artwork :'D and thanks for visiting! :la:
Tumblr ->
lastFM ->

Hello Thar!
This is Mariah(iil2awr) Im Muffin Face's buddie!
Hello! ^^ how are you? genki desu ka? :P (I've been tagged by the way)

It is summer vacation~ I'm so bored all the time *sigh* I've been on Tumblr most of the time, but it's lame, I never really made friends on there x.x" Usually I talk to someone, but then I never talk to them again after a few days of conversing.. Poo, so I hope things have been going well with you guys! I haven't checked a lot of stuff on here, like your deviations, or journals, so I am sorry! I will take a look though :3

Um, new things, I've gotten into new J-rock bands, and new K-pop groups! I think I will recommend them here:
J-rock ~ V-Last. | Ap(r)il | ワン★スター | ASTRO BOY | Also, Versailles, andymori, capsule, and many other good artists released new albums! I am so happy~!
K-pop ~ Boyfriend | f(x) | Secret | And, well, Big Bang released some new stuff, including SHINee, and GD&TOP finally released their "Jibe Kajima" MV!! Yay :3
I also recommend a really awesome J-pop artist called Saoridestiny, her music is amazing, listen to "BEATPOP" and "GAMBA JAPAN" ^^

Um..I've been thinking about making a blogspot, to post personal stuff, and also to post gifs, since Tumblr has that stupid limit on how long/big the gif must be *rolls eyes*

So, I was tagged, lets' get this done and did! xP
Tagged by: :icontoudoumichiyo:


1→You must post these rules.
2→Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3→You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4→Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5→No tag backs.
6→No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you read this". You legitimately have to tag ten people.

1. I am in love J-fashion, including Mori girl, cult fashion, fairy kei, and lolita.
2. I want to visit Japan, and maybe even live there! ^^
3. I'm going to be a freshman in high school (HELP MEE~~)
4. "God Bless You!!!" by The KIDDIE xD;;
5. I'm super insecure, and I always feel alone and unwanted .//.
6. I wish we still dressed like we did in the 80's, it was effin' badass back then. OTL
7. Favorite movies: Zombieland and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
8. My bias is T.O.P.! :heart:
9. I hope to make more friends in the future, friends who like J-rock and K-pop XD;; If not, high school will be hell.
10. I'm currently learning Japanese..WAKARIMASEN LOL xD Oterai wa doko desu ka? hurrhurr C:
I tag : :iconsweetmeltysummer: :iconkaiyakkuma: :iconmikukaulitz: :iconda-young: :iconxxx-punkypanda-xxx: :iconhina9111: :iconcheerful-gray: :iconfires-and-freedom: :icontokiopunk18: :iconmayaxyamazaki: :iconhells-fallen-demon: :iconphantom-oz:
Was that 10? OTL
I think I am done! I am drawing, I'm drawing something for a trade with a very talented artist on here :3 (Kida from Durarara!!) Are you guys watching it on Adult Swim btw? ^^ Anyways, have a nice day, sayonara! :3
  • Mood: Sorrow
  • Listening to: Versailles - Flowery
  • Reading: Beautiful Creatures
  • Watching: That 70's Show
  • Playing: Shadow Hearts
  • Eating: gummy bears ~
  • Drinking: water

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